Discover the PIXEL 2×2 Reflectors for 3535 LEDs

Discover the PIXEL 2×2 Reflectors for 3535 LEDs

PIXEL 2×2 Reflectors is the new Khatod’s family of high-tech Reflectors meant for wide area applications, especially for lighting applications in any type of sport structures and environments, indoor and outdoor.

KCLP04xxCRSM Series Reflectors come in many models. They are square shaped – 50mm x 50mm – and consist of an array made of 4 reflectors, with a 25,40mm pitch between the optical foci. They perform a variety of NEMA Beam Angle Types, from Medium Beam (NEMA 3) to Ultra Wide Beam (NEMA 5) and an outstanding Asymmetrical Beam (NEMA 5×6). Made of black PC HT with aluminium reflective coating, the reflectors work perfectly within  -30° to ~ 120°C temperature range.

KCLP04xxCRSM Reflectors are optimized for the most famous 3535 package LEDs with dome. Perform high lighting efficiency, excellent luminous flux and great glare control.

They can be used individually or configured in multiple parts, so to create the perfect lighting fixture for your application, as linear lighting rows or in configurations of different shape and width.

The Reflectors are easily assembled by screw fixing.

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