PIXEL 11×3 REFLECTORS: 3-row linear reflector modules made of 33 reflectors

PIXEL 11×3 REFLECTORS: 3-row linear reflector modules made of 33 reflectors

High Efficiency Combined with Elegance And Unique Design

PIXEL 11×3 is a versatile family of REFLECTORS created in many different models and configurations, each meant for a specific lighting application.
PIXEL 11X3 REFLECTORS are the latest innovation of this family. They are 3-row linear reflector modules, made of 33 reflectors – 11×3 – 285.60 mm x 61.00 mm side, 10.25mm height, optimized for 3030 LEDs.
The high luminosity delivered by the LEDs of new generation is not without difficulties and requires the employment of new technologies so to achieve a superior optical performance.
Khatod boasts a great expertise in optical design based on extensive testing and experimentations; most of technologies are created by their engineers, who not only develop unique products but also create the necessary tooling and equipment to manufacture them. This makes Khatod a real innovator in optical systems, able to deliver immediate solutions when new requirements are posed by the ever-evolving LED Industry.

PIXEL 11X3 REFLECTORS are available in various beams delivering the opportunity to optimize your lighting application and achieve the best result.

The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with 33 LEDs, 3030 size, ~4686lm@Strip. Actual measured values depend on the specific LED used.

30° FWHM Asymmetric Beam

30° FWHM Double Asymmetric Beam

30° FWHM Medium Beam

60° FWHM Extra Wide Beam

90° FWHM Ultra Wide Beam

PIXEL 11X3 REFLECTORS are made of black PMMA HT with aluminium reflective coating allowing the reflector
modules to work perfectly within -40° to ~ 110°C temperature range.

Key Features:

  • 3-row linear reflector modules, made of 33 reflectors – 11×3
  • Size: 285.60 mm x 61.00 mm side, 10.25 mm height
  • Optimized for 3030 LEDs, are fit for most popular Mid Power LEDs
  • Made of black PMMA HT with aluminium reflective coating
  • Beams: 30°, 60°, 90°, 30° FWHM Asymmetric, 30° Double Asymmetric
  • High performance with warm white LEDs
  • High lighting efficiency
  • Excellent luminous flux
  • Glare control
  • Fit for creating continuous linear lighting strips of desired length
  • Superior optical engineering for a perfect uniform light distribution
  • Innovative design
  • Plastic plugs to close the end part of the assembled construction are available
  • Can be used alone or with a protection glass plate

The shape, the extreme accurate design and the surface finish, made of concentric squares gently knurled around each reflector cavity, lend PIXEL 11X3 REFLECTORS a unique elegance and make these modules perfect in the most demanding applications, such as in the architectural or interior furnishing design.

Typical Applications:

Engineered for Stock & Shop applications, PIXEL 11×3 REFLECTORS are suitable for any application in Wide Area Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor:
Industrial Lighting: Warehouses, Laboratories, Sheds, Garages, Machine Shops, etc.
Indoor Lighting: Outlets & Shop Centers, Exhibition Areas, Offices, Hospital Wards, Elevators, Passages, Aisles, etc.
Outdoor Lighting: Parking Areas, Pathways, Petrol & Service Stations, Gardens, Playgrounds, Canopies, etc.
Street Lighting: Streets, Walkways, Sidewalks, Bicycle Lanes, Squares, etc.
Architectural Lighting: Entertainment & Decorative, Border/contour, Shop Windows, Halls and Entrances, Lamps, etc.


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