Welcome MICKEY Reflectors!

Welcome MICKEY Reflectors!

The New Reflectors equipped with Self-Adhesive Fixing for general lighting application.

Khatod never ceases to amaze! We have come out strong with a comprehensive range of reflectors: MICKEY Reflector Systems.

Easy to fix, reliable and high performing, low-cost and in a variety of models enabling to customize your LED luminaires just the way you want.

MICKEY Reflectors offer a wide choice of models realized in different dimensions, finishes and beam angles. Made of PC HT (High Temperature resistant PC), aluminium coated and protected by specific lacquer finish, MICKEY Reflectors perform an excellent optical efficiency, over 90% with peaks up to 92%, thanks to the accuracy of the entire product process. The optical and mechanical design, the realization of the mould, the moulding process carried out by injection machines of latest generation and the final optical treatment, enable MICKEY Reflectors to boast superb build quality that easily outclasses the reflectors currently available on the market.

Engineered for most diverse general lighting applications, MICKEY Reflectors come with a self-adhesive sticker, shaped and applied to the reflector bottom, for immediate fastening to the PCB. 

Technical details:

  • Optic Type: Reflector, designed for most popular Multichip LEDs
  • Material: Optical grade PC specific for high temperature resistance, up to 85°C
  • Dimensions: from 32mm diameter till 50mm diameter; from 14.75mm height (14.85mm height with self-adhesive sticker) till 24.98mm height (25.08mm height with self-adhesive sticker)
  • Beam Angles: Narrow, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide and Ultra Wide
  • Fixing: Equipped with self-adhesive sticker allowing immediate fixing to the PCB


  • High lighting efficiency
  • Excellent luminous flux
  • Superior optical engineering for a perfect uniform light distribution
  • Easy fixing onto the PCB
  • No vibration problems
  • Complying with UL94 Specifications
  • UV protected
  • Optimizes the lighting flux output of most popular Multichip LEDs

Applications (Engineered for most diverse general lighting applications):

Highbay, Hospitality lighting, Indoor, Indoor architectural & general lighting, Indoor ceiling mounted luminaires, Indoor spotlights, Industrial Light – Commercial Light, Lowbay, Office, Retail/supermarkets, Table and floor lamps, Task lighting, Warehouse lighting, etc.

Actual operating and application tests proved that MICKEY REFLECTORS have the quality and potential to play an excellent match on the LED Lighting field. They showed superior performance, great ease in use and excellent value for money.


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