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Optomarket.net by Khatod Optoelectronic Srl

Khatod, a leading manufacturer of optical solutions for the main LEDs, creates its ecommerce: Optomarket.net.
Unique on the international scene, Khatod specifies and develops the entire product process 100% in house, Milano, Italy. All the operations are held on site: design, development of new technologies, production and post-production processes, testing and control, technical direction, management, administration. 
Your project is our project.

Khatod. Advanced Technology, Unique Projects, Ready-to-Use

Pioneer of SILICONE LENSES, unique to OPTICAL SYSTEMS, forerunner of new-concept REFLECTORS, skilled developer of CUSTOM OPTICS. To its customers, Khatod makes available its newest industrial area – 28,700sqm of advanced technology – free of charge technical support, fast deliveries from HQ, corporate sales offices around the world and global distributors of the industry.

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Khatod is an Italian fully integrated Factory, able to provide a full service that combines all of the manufacturing processes, from initial design to production, as well as a proven capability to develop custom optics.

  • Continuous scientific research and development
  • Specialized engineering for optical and mechanical projects and developments
  • High-Tech software and equipments for R&D, Production, Quality, Services
  • Moulds and Tooling Fabrication
  • Injecting machines – 25 to 650 tons
  • Cold injection-molding machinery specific for the silicone molding process
  • Superior quality polymers specific for optical, mechanical, and technical properties
  • Vacuum treatment plant
  • 150 sqm dark room provided with high-tech photo-goniometer for accurate light measurements
  • Laboratories and testing rooms over an area of 600sqm, including temperature room (-86°C + 55°C) and testing and experimentations room; outdoor testing area, specific for physical tests of street light and outdoor LED Lighting applications
  • Laser stations; packaging systems; vacuum plants for plastic polymers feeding; computerized systems for water and air controlling and managing
  • 3D inspection – quality control system
  • Automated packaging system


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