Discover the new TUNNEL Lenses for 5050 LEDs

Discover the new TUNNEL Lenses for 5050 LEDs

TUNNEL is the new family of Khatod optics specifically designed for tunnel lighting: a beam of the counter-flow reinforcement for the entrance and a symmetrical classic oval of support.
TUNNEL lens AS229701TNxSA is a single lens – 25mm x 25mm – provided with self-adhesive while the lens AS229704TNx has a linear modular design which consists of 4-in-a-row lenses with 25mm x 140mm sides.
TUNNEL lenses can be used individually or configured in multiple parts so to create the perfect lighting fixture to meet the required standards.
These super performing optics are made of PMMA HT and they are available in 3 beam angles: 2 Counterbeam and 1 Oval Symmetric.
The lenses work perfectly in a temperature range between -40°C and +105°C and they have been specifically designed for the most popular 5050 package LEDs.

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