Discover the new SAGITTARIO Linear Optics

Discover the new SAGITTARIO Linear Optics

SAGITTARIO is the new family of linear optics, made by Khatod: ideal for all indoor environments, like supermarkets, warehouses and offices. At the core, lies the new OMP™ (Optical Multilayer Performance) Technology, an innovative production method that combines different optical layers in one piece, to achieve highest efficiencies, reduces color-over-angle and optimizes distribution. Light enters a first secondary optic and passes through a layer of color-mixing nanostructures, before leaving SAGITTARIO through an additional layer of nanoprisms. They are available in 12 Beam Angle Types. Efficiencies exceed 95%, with uniformities of 0.9. It is available in any length, thanks to a new cold-forming technology – ideal to cover large spaces. The whole line-up revolves around one core feature: energy savings. The optical efficiency is tailored on the applications and takes into account not only lumen/Watt, but also Lux/€. Available in three standard lengths: 1.220mm, 1.550mm and 3.050mm.
Optimized for 2835 and 3030 LEDs series, in 20 mm and 24 mm modules. Made of optical grade PMMA, these optics work perfectly within -40° to +90° temperature range. Mechanical snap-in function, allows assembly without screws.

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