NACTUS 2×2 SMALL – Optical Systems with 25.40mm lens pitch

NACTUS 2×2 SMALL – Optical Systems with 25.40mm lens pitch

The optics forming NACTUS panels are the core of the product
NACTUS is a real user-friendly product, a ready-to-use panel that fits the most diverse applications.
The optical systems maximizes the lighting beam through its optics, so creating a lighting beam of a certain power and fully configurable for the final application considered.

What’s so exclusive about NACTUS Optical System?

NACTUS is the FIRST and UNIQUE Optical System using DIFFERENT OPTICS with DIFFERENT GEOMETRIES, combined and set together in the SAME SYSTEM.

Why should you choose NACTUS Optical System?

NACTUS panels are a real resource in the Lighting System delivering great versatility, ease of use and high lighting performance in any area application. From its first introduction onto the market, exclusive, innovative versions have been created: tens of thousands of solutions are now available for your most demanding requirements!


  • 4 Optics
  • 25.40mm lens pitch
  • 50mm x 50mm side
  • from 6mm to 10mm height
  • NACTUS SMALL is supplied without the silicone gasket
  • Designed for Power LEDs of latest generation
  • No need to develop any photometric analysis
  • The optics are made of PMMA 8N

Choose your 2x2 lenses and buy now!


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