Versatile Linear Lenses: SUPERLINEA IP

Versatile Linear Lenses: SUPERLINEA IP

Versatile Linear Lenses for diverse Lighting Application

Superlinea IP Lenses for Mid Power LED strips

SUPERLINEA are the newest strip lenses from Khatod. Linear TIR lenses manufactured by High Precision Injection Molding Process, not by extrusion process. Injection molding guarantees accuracy and high optical performance of SUPERLINEA lenses: precision of the beam angles, shape control, realization and application of optical properties, as befits true optics. Engineered for Mid Power LED strips.

Made of optical grade PMMA; -40°C to ~80°C temperature resistant. Available in 5 optical beams: 30°, 60°, 90°, 20° FWHM Asymmetrical, ±20° FWHM Asymmetrical, deliver an excellent glare control. Optimized for the most popular Zhaga mid-power 20 and 24 mm wide PCBs. Offer exclusive installation also in continuous rows made of limitless number of parts by simple fastening. Ideal for use in narrow width luminaire designs, in architectural and decorative applications. Extruded aluminum profiles and plastic plugs to close the end part of the assembled construction are available on request. The many versions available offer countless solutions for indoor and outdoor applications in industrial, commercial, retail, office and many other applications, so enabling to meet all your lighting requirements.

SUPERLINEA Lenses introduces the newest models AVAILABLE WITH IP PROTECTION

A special SILICONE GASKET ensures EXCELLENT PROTECTION AGAINST DUST AND WATER INGRESS. SUPERLINEA IP LENSES are perfect for damp  and wet environments with significant presence of water. After water penetration resistance tests carried out in Khatod’s laboratories, the test paper sheet used in this testing according to the IP procedure comes totally dry. Superlinea IP with silicone gasket is designed to comply with the IP protection requirements. Khatod, in its laboratories, carried out the tests according to the IP requirements for due checking and demonstration purposes (*). Superlinea IP was subjected to the water-penetration resistance test according to the following procedure:

  • A moisture indicator paper sheet was interposed between the lens and the clamping base
  • The assembled sample was positioned under the watering device with nozzle Ø 6.3 mm
  • Water flow: 12.5 l/min ± 5%
  • Water pressure: 30 kPa @ distance of 3m
  • Duration of water spraying test on the wrap surface per m² : 1 min
  • Minimum duration of the test: 3 min
  • Distance between the nozzle and the wrap surface: 2.5 Meters

(*)  If customers need IP accredited certifications, they have to apply to the appointed Certification Bodies, under their sole care and responsibility.


  • Water-ingress resistant. A special silicone gasket allows excellent IP protection
  • Perfect for outdoor applications, for damp and wet environments with significant presence of water
  • Dimensions: 334.87 mm x 59.86 mm
  • Zhaga Book – 7 compatibility
  • Made of Optical Grade PMMA
  • Beams: 30°, 60°, 90°, 20° FWHM Asymmetrical, ±20° FWHM Asymmetrical
  • Surface texture enables enhanced and substantial reduction of glare
  • Uniform luminance
  • Efficiency > 89%
  • Fit for creating continuous linear lighting strips of desired length


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