STOCK & SHOP Lenses are the solution you are looking for

STOCK & SHOP Lenses are the solution you are looking for

Are you looking for a real problem-solving solution for lighting applications in your industrial and retail structures? STOCK & SHOP is THE SOLUTION!

33 OPTICS, 11×3-LENS ARRAYS, designed for any Lighting System using Mid Power LEDs.

The module edge is as high as the height determined by the lenses forming the array – 7.17mm to 12.07mm – giving the module a box shape. This makes Stock & Shop even more compact, robust and efficient while enabling the housing to be extremely flat.
These aspects are highly appreciated and sought after by the lighting design world. All STOCK & SHOP models feature excellent solutions to realize any kind of luminaires using Mid Power LEDs – recessed, surfacemounted
and pendant – thanks to the high optical engineering content and to the design enabling to meet the most various lighting requirements.
Allow easy replacement of old existing luminaires so optimizing and modernising your lighting system with high efficient optical systems.

STOCK & SHOP deliver uniform and high-efficient illumination. Shadows and overlap of luminous fields on the walls, on the floor and on the work planes are eliminated. What you will perceive is just a perfectly illuminated space.

STOCK & SHOP systems come in different beam angles, among which the double asymmetric beam delivers an extraordinary solution for double-shelf-aisle area lighting. The double-asymmetric model performs uniform double-sided beam while avoiding the glare effect in the middle of the aisle.
Designed for industrial and commercial spaces, STOCK & SHOP is ideal for open space offices, meeting rooms, libraries,
circulation areas, covered parking, etc. They offer solutions able to guarantee high efficiency, energy savings, total respect for the environment and safety rules.


  • Optic Type: High precision injection-moulded panels; 11×3 lens arrays, 33 optics
  • Material: PMMA lenses
  • Dimensions: 285.60 mm x 61.00 mm side; 7.17 mm to 12.07 mm height
  • Beam angles: 30° FWHM; 60° FWHM; 90° FWHM; 90° FWHM Double Asymmetrical

Typical Applications:
Any application in Wide Area Lighting: Industrial Areas, Offices, Warehouses, Retail Shops, Malls, Supermarkets, Outlets, Showrooms, Libraries, Covered Parking, etc.

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