STRATOS are high-tech lenses designed for high bay applications

STRATOS are high-tech lenses designed for high bay applications

STRATOS Lenses are available in 60°, 90° and Elliptical beam angles.

The elliptical beam is the core project of the Stratos family, unique on the market for this kind of applications.

All beam versions do not perform the common roto-symmetric distributions. In fact Stratos lenses are the unique solution for those lighting applications where a standard roto-symmetric pattern is not sufficient.

Comparative tests carried out with homologous models from the market prove that Stratos lenses deliver up to 37% more lux (average value) on the floor and up to 47% more uniformity in front of the shelves. Moreover, you can create different layouts with the same module according to the number and type of LEDs placed along the 6 linear lenses, forming a 6-row lens array.

The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with 54 LEDs 5×5 mm size, and ~15897 Lumen@ ~ 200Watt

60° FWHM

90° FWHM



  • 300 mm diameter – 22 mm height
  • Beam Angles: 60°, 90°, Elliptical
  • You can use LEDs of different type, colors and packages – 2835, 3030, 3535, 5050, 7070
  • Designed for High-Bay Application
  • Material: PC 5.0 Clear, Non-yellowing
  • Nanotechnologies-treated moulds and dies for top performance.

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