SIR50 Silicone Internal Reflection Lenses

SIR50 Silicone Internal Reflection Lenses

SIR50 silicone internal reflection lenses, are TIR lenses made of Ultra-Clear LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), optimized for COB LEDs systems with LES ranging 6 mm to 9 mm diameter, for any application in general lighting.

Diameter 50.00 mm; Height 29.00 mm – Comply with MR16 Standards

Boast unique design that implements innovative engineering solutions to maximize the optical efficiency. The optical design merges typical geometric analysis and cutting-edge construction approach. It optimizes the refractive index of silicone and the powerful light flux from COB LEDs; ensures a perfect control of the light flux and the highest luminous efficiency.
The optical simulations proved an optical efficiency of 85% to 89%, under all beam angles (Narrow, Medium, Wide). Indeed, the performance practical tests produced even better results; the lighting fixtures using SIR50 lenses achieved an optical efficiency up to 89% with picks of 91%, while maintaining perfect uniformity in light distribution.

The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with COB LEDs with 6 mm LES, ~1200lm @LED.

12° FWHM Narrow Beam

28° FWHM Medium Beam

40° FWHM Wide Beam

Mechanical Features

Lens fixing to the PCB: SILICONE TIR LENSES are available with their proper holder. It enables a direct mounting onto the PCB, ensures a perfect fastening, simplifies the assembly in the final application. The holder is a mechanical assembly made up of two parts:

  • bottom: fasten it to the PCB with 2 screws or a sticker, then place the lens
  • top: a ring nut matching the bottom fixes the lens housing and completes the holder assembly

It greatly simplifies the mounting in the final application while ensuring a perfect fastening.

Performance Criteria

  • Excellent transparency, low absorption of light, high optical efficiency up to 89% with picks of 91%
  • Excellent luminous performance and uniformity in light distribution
  • No birefringence
  • UV-resistant, non-yellowing effect
  • High temperature resistant and high flexibility at low temperatures (–40°C to 150°C, with picks up to 200°C)


Optical Design and Manufacturing Process, key elements for a superior lens.

  • Exclusive optical techniques: all the exit surfaces of Silicone TIR lenses include rotated microlenses arrays, or microlenses arrays alternating with matt surfaces. This avoids any aesthetical issues in light distribution, such as variations of the colour temperature, and ensures a perfect control of the light flux.
  • Unique silicone molding process: specifically developed by Khatod.When using Silicone, the material is in liquid form and is injected cold. Typically, the cold injection molding process requires specific equipment and system considerably different from the traditional ones. What makes the real difference is the technology developed by Khatod and applied to the mixing and injection process. Khatod customized the processing method by perfecting the transformation process while silicone is injected, by using innovative technologies never applied to the injection processes before. The LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) selected for the manufacturing of this newest series of TIR Lenses is a first-class quality silicone. It is versatile and allows complex part geometry and exact dimensions. The typical low viscosity of the LSR we selected offers great process flexibility. This peculiarity, combined with the cold injection-moulding process customized by Khatod, allows silicone to be pumped, molded and cured with very fast cycle times, and enables fully automatic flash-less and trim-free manufacturing. Our exclusive fabrication technique preserves and enhances the typical characteristics of silicone – high efficiency, exceptional stability, purity, heat resistance – and ensures an excellent compensation property that meets the requirements of construction mechanical tolerances in the final applications.
Typical Applications:
General lighting – indoor: hospitality, architectural, ceiling mounted luminaires, pendant luminaires, recessed fixtures, spotlights, wall-mounted luminaires, industrial/commercial light, IR, NEMA, office, spot lighting and projectors, table and floor lamps, task lighting. etc.

Khatod Silicone Processing. Innovation and Advanced Technology

  • The LSR is a two-component material, in the liquid state and extremely fluid
  • The two components remain separated until the static mixer. The crosslinking process, at room temperature, starts inside the cylinder press
  • It is then completed inside the mould at a controlled temperature
  • The LSR curing process occurs inside the mould cavity, at 150°C to 200°C. Special heating rooms, installed
    inside the mould, monitor the process which is under constant video control
  • All the tooling components respect construction tolerances not exceeding a total of 0.01 mm. This avoids
    any burrs and defects on the final product


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