SNAIL Silicone Lens for Windows and Doors Applications

SNAIL Silicone Lens for Windows and Doors Applications

SNAIL Lens enables to illuminate windows and doors by emphasizing the frame structure thanks to its excellent blade-shape beam.

  • Optical design ensures high performance.
  • Small size and snail shape make it unobtrusive and elegant. Perfect for architectural lighting, outdoor and Indoor.
  • Mounted at the centre of the bottom or top or side edge of windows or doors, it creates a great graphic lighting effect and enables to customize the illumination of the applied environment.
  • Made of silicone, ensures great resistance to water and powder penetration, to impacts and extreme temperatures.

Customize your colors
The wide variety of LEDs currently available on the market enables to customize the LED clusters with multiple colors.

SNAIL Lens allows to use clusters made up to 4 LEDs with 1.8 mm x 1.8 mm case.
The customers are given the opportunity to choose the color that best meets their requirements and create unique applications, totally different from the standard proposals.

Lens module dimensions:
40.00 mm x 66.00 mm side, 27.74 mm height
PLL2203SR Lens is supplied without the holder. The holder will be supplied on request under the KEL2203 part numbers.

Holder module dimensions:
45.00 mm x 72.00 mm side, 20.16 mm height
KEL2203 Holder is supplied without the lens. The lens will be supplied on request under the PLL2203SR part numbers.

SNAIL Silicone Lens
SNAIL Silicone Lens


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