SILICONE Single Lenses with Self-Adhesive tape

SILICONE Single Lenses with Self-Adhesive tape

Excellent single lenses for UV LEDs, made of Silicone

Deliver UV resistance, excellent performance, durability, efficiency.

These newest TIR SILICONE LENSES are designed for working in the UV-A range – from 315 to 400nm – and in the UV-B range – from 280 to 315nm – and are available in 3 different beam angles: Narrow ( ~12°FWHM ), Medium ( ~25°FWHM ) and Wide ( ~40°FWHM ).
All the lenses show the same size and shape. The exit surfaces consist in hexagonal micro-lenses arrays, specific for each model in order to determine the proper final beam angle. KESQ2145SR Silicone Single Lenses are supplied preassembled in resistant black holders made of PC, provided with adhesive tape allowing easy assembly in the final fixture.


  • 21.60 mm x 21.60 mm side – 12.86 mm height
  • Material: Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
    for the Lenses: Top -30° … 150°C; Black PC
    for the Holder: Top -30° … 110°C
  • The special surface texture – hexagonal micro-lenses arrays – enables excellent light flow
  • Deliver efficient and homogeneous light distribution
  • Assembly is simple and immediate

Engineered for applications using UV LEDs such as in curing applications, fluorescence excitation, sterilization, analytical instruments, adhesive, entertainment, insect attraction as well as dental care.


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